A Seamless Experience

cabana camping van

- Shower 

- Toilet 

- Beekman 1802 shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel

- Cloud Paper toilet paper

- Hand soap

- Towels

- Shower vent 

- Outdoor shower (in the gear garage)

cabana camping van

- Camper queen memory foam mattress

- Sheets

- Blankets

- 2 pillows + decorative pillow 

- 24" TV

- Cellular WiFi device

- USB ports and power outlets

- Window shades for each window

- Heater

- Ceiling fan (for cooling)

cabana camping van

- Electric kettle

- Local steeped coffee & two Miir mugs

- Drawer fridge

- Indoor sink

- Small trash bin

- 2 sparkling and 2 still bottles of water from Openwater

- Outdoor two-burner stove & sink

- 1 pot, 1 pan, 1 spatula, and 1 cooking spoon

- 2 cutlery sets and 2 sealable bowls (with lids as plates)

- 3-in-1 serrated knife, bottle opener, cork screw

cabana camping van

- Swivel passenger seat

- Movable table

- Clam shell bench (slides out under kitchen)

- Interior cabinet with two pullout drawers (fits two standard sized carry-on suitcases)

- Wardrobe 

- Hangers

- Safe

- 2 drawers beneath bed for food or clothing storage

- Gear garage

- Two camping chairs

cabana camping van

- Tire chains (included in winter rentals)

- Pet Fee ($100)

- Trip planning (Free)

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What is included in the kitchen?

All vans are equipped with kitchen, which includes the following: a two-burner stove, an outdoor water source, one pot, one pan, one spatula, one cooking spoon, 2 Porter cutlery sets, and 2 Porter bowls with lids.

How long does the battery last in the Cabana? How do I recharge the battery?

The Cabana's battery can charge in 3 ways: through solar panels, by driving the vehicle, and by plugging into a shore power source (adapter provided).  Without sunlight or driving, the battery should last up to 18 hours. If you are driving daily, you should not need an external power source during your stay. If the cabin battery does need to be charged, the quickest way would be to plug into shore power.

How many people fit in a Cabana?

The Cabana seats while driving and sleeps two. It has two seats with seat belts (the driver's seat and one passenger). When parked, four people can fit in the van comfortably but cozy. Only two people are permitted when driving the vehicle.