Comforts of a boutique hotel packed into a van


Set the thermostat to your ideal temperature. The forced-air heating system is powered by fuel in the fuel tank. The system will automatically shut off if fuel in the tank falls below ¼.


Cool off with the ceiling fan that circulates air in and out of the van for warmer nights.

Window Shade

Every window comes with a durable, button-up window shade. Snap them in for privacy or to keep the morning light out while you sleep.


Stream entertainment on a 24” screen with Amazon Fire TV. There are USB ports and power outlets located by the bed to charge your devices overnight.


Sleep on an 8” graphite-infused memory foam mattress—the ultimate in cooling comfort. The size is a camper queen, which means it is the width of a queen with the length of a full (74”).


Shower in a spacious 24” x 46” bathroom with a low-flow showerhead that is water efficient without sacrificing pressure. The bamboo flooring is a touch of luxe that keeps you above standing water.


The built-in toilet has a 5 gallon capacity and lasts up to 7 days regular use before it needs to be emptied. For short-term stays, leave the maintenance to us.


Lather yourself with nourishing Beekman 1802 products from our built-in dispensers.

Outdoor Shower

The outdoor shower is handy for washing off gear or anything else you don’t want to track back into your Cabana.

Vita Coffee & Electric Kettle

Get your coffee fix with complimentary Vita coffee bags, a Seattle favorite. Stowed under the sink, is the electric water kettle along with a pair of Miir mugs to enjoy your morning brew.

Drawer Fridge

There is a compact 31-quart pull-out fridge directly above the step into your bed that allows you to store beer, wine, and snacks.


Rinse and wash in the indoor sink. The sink is connected to the main water tank and is not treated for consumption (non-potable water). Please brush and hydrate with filtered or bottled water.


Pull the drawer located on the side of the sink. Inside you’ll find the trash bin along with light cleaning supplies, such as disinfecting wipes.


Interior cabinet with two pull-out drawers stow two standard sized carry-on suitcases.


Use the wardrobe to hang clothes or store smaller gear.


There is a small safe to store your valuables. To unlock, use the key on the Cabana keychain.

Gear Garage

In the rear of the Cabana is a large gear garage that can fit large items such as suitcases, skis, or other outdoor equipment.

Swivel Seat

The passenger seat swivels to face the back of the vehicle so you can sit across from your travel companion.


The bamboo table offers a great surface to work from or to enjoy a quick bite. When it’s not in use, simply tuck it away behind the driving cabin.

Clam Shell Bench

The clam shell bench pulls out from under the sink and creates a convenient sitting space across from the passenger seat.


The outdoor kitchen pulls out from the back of the van. It has a two-burner stove fueled by propane, complete with a sink that hooks into the main water supply. *Available in select vans.

Pop-up Tent

Use the pop-up tent to get out of the sun and rain, or for activities. Remember to use the weights to hold it down. *Available in select vans.

Camp Chairs

Sit back and enjoy the view with a set of collapsible outdoor chairs you can set up right outside your Cabana.

Guest Parking

The cost to leave your personal vehicle in a Cabana lot during your trip is $15/ night. Currently, our Seattle location has limited parking and the option to include it in a reservation is first come first serve.

Drives like any standard SUV

(in the best way)



standard rv


The van is about 20' long, the same length as a large SUV. It will be a little harder to parallel park than a Smart Car, but it will fit in any standard parking space.


Cabana is a Ford Transit High Roof. Warning: don't drive under anything that has less than 11' of clearance. Look for the yellow signs on overpasses and bridges to see if they offer the necessary clearance.


The Cabana's electrical systems are powered by a combination of 2 160-Watt solar panels, the engine (when it is running), and "shore power." Shore power means you can plug-in to any standard outlet.


Unleaded fuel powers your Cabana.

87 Octane is just fine.